Ping Shan Library


Have you ever thought of time travel to the era of non-computerization?


Exhibiting historical value to the mass on the theme about the past and the present of the Hong Kong Public Libraries (HKPL) for two months at the newly completed Ping Shan Library. Thematically exhibits the services, facilities and network of the HKPL through installation art, display, kiosk, to showcase on the changes to the public at the 2nd largest exhibition.


Right at the entrance with a clock face, where visitors travelled through time back to 50 years ago to witness the historical value, an opened-book has been installed as an art of collection to display on aesthetic histories. Photos taken in the past has been enclosed as the background. Orange colour has been opted for this project, with the application of different hue of orange to highlight milestone from different stages.


Focus on the milestones of the development of the HKPL to convey the dedicated hardwork of providing quality facilities and services throughout the 50 years to the readers before and after the half-century of digitalization.


Attend on the interesting facts of the services, facilities and networks mainly by the demonstration of display texts and photographs, additionally on the library cards, souvenirs and double-page spread newspapers clipping.


Boosting the interactivity, a 42” Touch Screen Information Kiosk has been installed onsite with configured software. The agility of software has been tailored-made to deliver the information sources provided by HKPL. OneZebra offered the hardware and freeware for this showcase, a professional support team has rendered ultimate advocate on this success throughout the exhibition period.


We strive on the digitalization; but we always cherish the on-the-ground production as where we excel our expertise. A glass served as the separation of the exhibition hall and the interactive zone, with the Information Kiosk situated at the center. On the two sides, imagine there were children playground for the kids to play around with Tic-Tac-Toe and slides. For the glass decoration, we deliberately pasted some die-cut logo stickers of the event on it. Guess what, when the sun shines through, the silhouette will be shadowed on the floor. 


Since most of the exhibited articles, newspaper clips, and display are invaluable and most of them are truly delicate. We paid the utmost effort on handling them with great care, in order to ensure keeping them flawless. Our effort has been actualized through the positive feedback and support from our client and the mass, and thee the exhibition has been extended from one month to two months.