Same as the strip patterns of zebra, our ideas and designs are unique and are created to identify among ours and yours competitors and to engage with target audiences/markets through memorable and aesthetic experiences.

Do you see zebra as
black with white stripes or

white with black stripes?

oneZebra embraces freedom on the grassland, but we are highly socialize and caring.

Create trust for our partnership by providing influential and resilient teamwork.

Generate impossible for your projects by our inborn creativity and determination on resolving any outburst.


Distinctive facts about oneZebra

Think beyond imagination and

work beyond boundary

oneZebra grows with unique stripes, and not inherited with same pattern. We’re fond of creating innovative edges to projects by bringing distinctive elements, as we’re tired of rules and limitation.

Deep and thoughtful
caring attitude

oneZebra runs fast with the herds over the field in zig zag motion. We see and do things in big picture, and finishing it off energetically and flexibly.

Deep and thoughtful
caring attitude

oneZebra is highly socialized and protective. We enjoy sharing our professional knowledge with the embracement of our invention and creation and not risking it, as we are truly attentive to details.

Affection and determination

oneZebra generally don’t lie down even when we are taking nap. We tender our work with principal and denotation, as we are passionate and affectionate on design.

Listen for
persistent assessment

oneZebra rotates the ears in all directions. We love to hear feedbacks, despite good and bad ones for continual evaluation, as we sincerely believe this is the key to success.

OneZebra thinks and works beyond imagination by creating dynamic and extraordinary content with the right chosen online medium and once-in-a-lifetime experience for our clients and visitors with a purpose.

Join us in the limelight with indifferent stories to outgrow your brands with sensational and aspirational emotions with boosted awareness and bonded engagement.


Digital Marketing

OneZebra barks and huffs – this is what we have always believed that using the right DIGITAL medium can spread the message swiftly.

UX UI | Responsive Website | Ecommerce
SEO & SEM | Google Ads
Social Media Campaign | FB & IG ad
Motion Graphic | TVC


Brand Communication

OneZebra patterns with idiosyncratic stripes – this is what we have always believed that BRANDING & COMMUNICATION has always been a unique hook on telling the stories with strong awareness and engagement.

Logo | Corporate Identity | Branding Miscellaneous
Print | Publication
Advertising | Campaigns

Stand out from the crowd and create eye-catching medium to spread the key and customized messages from our valuable clients to the mass.


Event and Exhibition

OneZebra expresses with vocal – this is what we have always believed that SPACE DESIGN is the moment for our valuable clients to echo their announcements with an unforgettable experience.

Mall Event | Outdoor Display | Road Show Exhibition | Press conference
Backdrop Design | Window Display 

We start from trivial to totality by building a remarkable and memorable experience for every visitor on all occasions.